The history of our family is all about ties. Ties to the previous generations that have bravely walked on the path paved by the founder’s vision, ties to our territory with which we proudly share history and old traditions, and ties with all the women and men that, for nearly 150 years, have contributed with their work and dedication to make all this possible


The beginnings

Vito Curatolo Arini decided to build a winery in the middle of his vineyards to follow his dream of making Marsala wine. The name of the company was born from the union of the founder’s surname, Curatolo, with that of his mother, Arini. 


Liberty Style

Vito commissioned the labels of its wines to the architect Ernesto Basile, the greatest exponent of Sicilian Liberty Style. These labels are still used for our best Marsalas, and they are universally appreciated for their elegance and refinement.


of foreign markets

The company began its expansion abroad becoming one of the first companies in Sicily shipping wines to Europe and the Americas.



After Vito’s death in 1896, the reins of the company passed to his wife Rosa. In a world traditionally led by men, Rosa manages with great stubbornness and tenacity to give the company the first rudiments of work organization and to continue the development of foreign markets thanks to the collaboration with Swiss experts such as M. Schuvabenthan, E. Kappler e U. Loefler. Their contribution led the company to obtain important international and national awards such as those in Chicago in 1893, in Lyon in 1902, in Palermo in 1903 and in Argentina in 1910.


Curatolo brothers

With Rosa’s death in 1913, the company was run by her sons Francesco, Vito, Leonardo and Giuseppe who continued their mother’s path obtaining many other awards such as those in San Francisco in 1915 and in Bari in 1917.


Technological investments

In 1932, the first 32w generator powered by diesel engines was purchased allowing a more efficient and effective production.

The 70’s


The international expansion of the company was consolidated thanks to a joint venture established with the Canadian group Seagram for the production and distribution of a white wine addressed to the English market, Tonino. With the help of Californian experts from Davis Wine Institute, the company acquired innovative skills in the oenological field.

The 90’s

New collaborations

With the collaboration with the Tuscan oenologist Alberto Antonini the winery started the Monovarietal project, a selection of wines able to exalt the various territorial expressions of our island and face the challenges of new markets.


New generations

Today, after five generations, Vito’s dream is kept alive with the same passion by his direct descendants Riccardo and Alexandra, with the help of their respective fathers Roberto and Sergio, proud to be the oldest Marsala winery still managed by the same family.