Grandson of the founder Vito, son of Leonardo, he started working in the company in 1962 dealing with financial and legal aspects. Today, Roberto is part of the board of directors and continues to be a point of reference for his successors.

Great-grandson of Vito, fourth generation of the family, he started working in the company in 1974 dealing with commercial aspects. Today, he is the president of the company and a guide for the new generations.


Son of Roberto, he began his career in the company in 2008 dealing with all aspects of production. Nowadays, he is the general manager of the company.

Daughter of Sergio, fifth generation of the family, she joined the company in 2012 dealing with Marketing and wine tourism.


Developing our foreign markets for more than 20 years.

Winemaker of the winery for more than 10 years, he is responsible for the production of all Curatolo Arini wines as well as the iconic Marsala wines.