The Story of Marsala begins in 1773 when John Woodhouse’s ship seeked shelter in Marsala harbour after a storm. During his stay he enjoyed the local wine called perpetuum so he decided to bring some back home, and to avoid alteration, he added some alcohol: Marsala wine was born.

Other British entrepreneurs soon followed his path organizing Marsala production and shaping our territory forever. By the end of 18th century the Sicilian wine had replaced Rhum on board the British Royal Navy ships and soon became Nelson’s favourite “Victory Wine”.

Founded by Phoenicians in 397 bC, called “beautiful city” by the Romans and “The port of God” by the Arabs, Marsala is a beautiful town located on the western Sicilian coast well known for fortified wine and salt pans.

The DOC Marsala includes nearly all the province of Trapani and falls right in the middle of the “sunny belt” a strip of land included between the 34° and the 43° parallel where you can find the most favourable climatic conditions for growing grape varietals used for fortified wines. Plenty of sunshine and heat, constant sea winds that mitigate high temperatures and dry out humidity and generous soils give away grapes that keep full ripeness over a long period of time, that have a bold character and that are rich both in sugars and perfumes.

Marsala wine is obtained blending different ingredients following old recipes passed from generations and that keep every Marsala unique.
After the blending or the “concia”, wine starts the ageing process in traditional Slavonian Oak casks.

  • • Base wine DOC from Grillo, Catarato, Inzolia, Damaschino or Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Pignatello
    • Alcohol from grapes
    • Cooked must
    • Mistella made from fresh DOC must muted with alcoho

Alcohol level: minimum 17% for the Fine, 18% for the Superiore and 19% for the Marsala vergine
Sugar level: 
Dry, Semidry and Sweet
 Gold, Amber or Rubino, Ruby
minimum 1 year for the Fine, 2 years for the Superiore, 4 years for the superior riserva, 5 years for the Vergine and Vergine Riserva at least 10 years

The oldest family owned Marsala business in continuous family ownership

In 1875 Bizet premiered his Carmen at the Opera Comique in Paris. That same year Vito Curatolo decided to build a winery in the middle of his vineyards in Marsala. After 5 generations Vito’s dreams is kept alive by his grandsons and great grandchildren. Today we are the oldest family owned Marsala producing business in continuous family ownership.

We only produce Marsala from white grape varietals that are grown in the best terroirs located in the coastal area in the districts of Triglia Scaletta and Birgi. Although the majority of the vines are planted using the trellis system, for some of them we still use the traditional bush method that guarantees lower yields. For our base wine we use a majority of Grillo grapes. With a thick skin and a natural inclination to oxidation the grapes are picked in late September when sugar levels are at their highest. The base wine obtained has an alcohol level between 14 and 16 %. For the fortification we add only a very small percentage of alcohol in order to reach the charter specification levels thus preserving all the flavours, concentration and opulence of the base wine. During the winemaking process we use extended skin maceration in order to obtain an optimal tannin extraction. For the “concia” we use cooked must made in the traditional way over direct wood fire.

Masterly recipes passed from generations

We work meticulously, respecting the ancient recipes handed on through different generations, using modern technologies without forgetting one of the cornerstones of Sicilian wisdom, the art of waiting. Patiently, in a peculiar microclimate, the ageing is done in French and American oak casks and barriques which provide elegance, complexity and a romantic note to the wine.