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The Vineyards

It is true of all good wines, and especially ours, that it is the vines and the grapes they bear that give a wine its unique and very special characteristics. Our vineyards lie at the heart of our endeavours.

Our white grape vineyards are all located in the western part of Sicilia, just slightly inland from Marsala. Vines are planted east facing with a vertical trellis system, on sandy and clay-rich soil. Because of Sicily’s favourable climate, vintages are generally quite consistent from year to year and these grapes are usually harvested in late August.

Our red grape vineyards are located in central Sicilia, in the province of Caltanissetta, at about 500 metres above sea level. This altitude, together with the distance from the Sea, provides for excellent diurnal variety. The combination of the warm Sicilian sun and the fresh, cool evenings ensures perfect conditions for fruit ripening. Vines are planted south facing, following the vertical trellis system, and vintages only change very slightly, depending on the rainfall during or just before harvest time in the first half of September.


The grapes here are used to craft our Inzolia. Located on the well-known and well-trodden ‘Marsala Wine Route’, between Marsala and Salemi, these two sites have a long and special winemaking heritage thanks to the natural characteristics of the clay soils and the hot and humid climate there. Today the old ‘Baglio Biesina’ has been turned into a museum that displays a selection of tools and equipment, both antique and modern, used in winemaking over the centuries and gives the visitor an insight into the history and evolution of local agricultural traditions.


From this vineyard comes our wonderful Grillo wine. Its unique characteristics come from the particular morphology of the soils surrounded by the hills. The climate here is hot and dry most of the year, and the altitude (between 200 and 700 metres above sea level) and

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ventilation from sea breezes, ensures a good exposure to the vineyards. The high temperature range gives character and flavour to the wine. The discovery of many Roman pottery artefacts in this area would suggest a viticulture tradition that has existed since ancient times.


The vineyard for our Zibibbo, and the perfect habitat for this grape variety. The varied nature of the soils combined with a warm and windy climate, provide the best results with minimal intervention or cultivation. Camporeale is a small farming town in the province of Palermo in the eastern part of the Val di Mazara. The area is located in the Valle del Belice, situated at altitudes of up to 440 metres above sea level, and surrounded by a chain of hills that protect the area from the northern winds.


This site stretches between the hills and plains of ‘Nisseno’ at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level in an area very suited for viticulture. With limestone-clay soils of medium texture and a warm Mediterranean climate, the day-night temperature changes prior to the harvest work to produce a better phenolic ripeness. The Nero D’Avola grape is the Sicilian prince of grapes, with the pureness of this variety depending on the area of production. The Nero D’Avola that comes from this part of Sicily is characterized by great delicacy, with strong hints of dried fruit.


The vineyards are located in the province of Caltanissetta between 350 and 450 metres, a unique terroir made of clay rich sandstone soils with very favourable climatic conditions. The altitude allows perfect ripening of the grapes avoiding the hot Sicilian summer. The vines are planted west facing using the vertical trellis system with guyot pruning.