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The Origins of Paccamora

‘Paccamora’ in the Sicilian dialect means “at the moment”. It is reminiscent of a story that the founder Vito, loved to share with his grandchildren, reminding them there’s a time for everything, and everything has its time.


Vito’s tale

A farmer, on a very busy day, asked an old wise blackbird who was roosting on the branch of a tree what the weather would be like the day after. The blackbird asked him to pass later, at the moment – ‘paccamora’ – he couldn’t answer as he was too busy eating.


The range

6 different colours for a modern range of wines with a captivating taste: smooth and fruit-driven reds, fresh and floral whites, ideal for pairing with all of your favourite dishes.


It’s always the right time for Paccamora

The Paccamora range is the essence of Sicily, the aromas of the land, shared at the table with family, at a barbecue with friends or simply as an aperitif on the beach.

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