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Our family introduced the Curatolo Arini range in the 1970s

Known for our Marsala, we wanted to create a new chapter in the Curatolo Arini story. So we developed a range of wines that were modern and fruit forward. Wines that each expressed the unique and different places from which they came. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with Curatolo Arini, our family’s range of premium still wines.


Capturing the flavours of Sicilia

The colours, the smells, the people, the landscape, and the food – all are unique to this amber land. A place where the sun shines long and hot, and the warm Mediterranean Sea laps at the land. Our vineyards in Sicilia lie at the heart of our endeavours, and these wines fully express the very best characteristics of their Sicilian terroir.


The expression of the single vineyard

It is true of all good wines, and especially ours, that it is the vines and the grapes they bear that give a wine its unique and very special characteristics. Our Curatolo Arini wines are all made from single vineyard grapes, carefully selected to ensure the result is a balanced and complex wine worthy of the Curatolo Arini label.


Excellence in every glass

In our family, OK is not good enough. We are always striving to create a better wine, to produce excellence in every glass. Only our very best wines are good enough to wear the Curatolo Arini label and carry our name. For us it’s a matter of pride.


Food and wine come together

Perfect on their own, but even better paired with food. Our Curatolo Arini label wines provide the perfect match for food from the region of Sicilia and other corners of the world. If you’re looking for inspiration, try one of our family recipes or food pairing suggestions.

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