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Our Coralto collection celebrates Sicilia

Sicilia will captivate you, leave you kissed by the sun and caressed by the hills. It is unlike anywhere else. It is Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is where Archimedes taught and Saint Paul preached. It is thirty centuries of history. It is where the mountains greet the sea.


The Coralto range captures the spirit of Sicilia

The pace of life is just that little bit slower here. When the sun retreats and the work is done, relaxation and tranquillity reign. Sicilians are intensely proud of their family, their land and their country. Cheerful, generous and gracious, they are warm, welcoming hosts.


Coralto wines profile varieties typical of Sicilia

Its climate, sunshine, sea breezes and mineral-rich, rocky soil, mean Sicilia is one of the most important vine growing regions in Italy, and the old world. Made from 100% single varietal local grapes, the Coralto range is a selection of modern, fruit-filled tasting wines that express all the potential of our Island.


Crafted by food lovers for food lovers

A family of winemakers, we are also a family of food lovers. After all, we are Italian. Our cuisine is the blood that runs in our veins. Nothing is truer of those of us that call Sicilia home. The world’s first truly multi-cultural society, our food, like our culture, is rich and diverse. Our wines are crafted by people that understand the power of a perfect partnership.


Enjoyed best at the family table

At the heart of everything we do is La Famiglia – the family. At Curatolo Arini this includes our extended family – all the special people who in all sorts of ways make our business a success. We make our wine to be enjoyed at tables across the world, to be shared with your friends and family wherever you might be.

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