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~ Recipes from Curatolo Arini ~

Simple Tapas for your favorite Marsala

Here are some ideas for simple and tasty tapas to enjoy with your favorite Marsala:

Marsala Superiore Riserva: aged cheese like Parmesan or pecorino are just perfect for this Marsala – add a little quince paste or fig jam to make it perfect.

Marsala Riserva 88: anchovies, sardines and tuna bottarga are a perfect match with the Riserva 88; try a cracker with some fresh cheese and an anchovies.

Marsala Superiore Dolce: with some blue cheese it’s simply delicious!

Marsala Superiore Secco: try it with some medium aged cheese or simply with some toasted almonds.

Remember to serve your Marsalas fresh, at 7° – 8°C a

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