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The story of Marsala begins in 1773

While sheltering from a storm at Marsala, John Woodhouse, a commercial trader from Liverpool, spent his time imbibing the local wine ‘Perpetuum’. He liked it so much that he decided to take some home. But, concerned that it might suffer the ill effects of the long journey, he added alcohol to fortify it, and the first Marsala was born.


Sicilia’s oldest family owned producer

Our family has been making Marsala since 1875, when a young Vito Curatolo Arini first built his winery. Each generation has added a new chapter to this story by continuing the proud tradition of winemaking. Today, we are the oldest family owned Marsala producer in Sicilia.


Marsala means the ‘Port of God’

Founded by the Carthaginians in 397 BC, Marsala or Mars el’Allah in Arabic (the Port of God) is a lovely seaside town, situated on the most Western point of the Island of Sicilia. It is the birthplace of the world’s most famous fortified wine, which takes its name from the place it came from.


Traditional recipes passed down

Today, we combine the old recipes and ways passed down to us with new, innovative, modern techniques. We are the only producer that continues to make our Mosto Cotto in the traditional way, over an open fire. It’s just one of the things that makes our Marsala special.


Elegant and quintessentially Sicilian

The way we do things results in a range of handcrafted Marsalas that reflect the place they are from – Sicilia, their heritage and the essence of those first wines that John Woodhouse was so enamoured with. We give our Marsalas the time they need in traditional Slavonian oak casks to develop the perfect balance of flavour, elegance and complexity.

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