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~ Ricette dalla Curatolo Arini ~

Simply a classic: scaloppine al Marsala

One of the easiest and tastiest recipes we never get tired of in the Curatolo family.

For 4 people you just need:

–          2 thin slices of veal

–          Flour

–          3 table spoons of olive oil

–          2 table spoons of butter

–          a glass of Marsala ( Fine )

–          salt & pepper

Cut the veal in small slices, and season them with salt and pepper. Then dip them in the flour, and  shake off the excess.

Heat a large pan: add the butter and olive oil and heat until the butter is melted. Add the veal slices and cook them on both sides for a few minutes until they are slightly brown. Finally, pour in the Marsala wine and turn up the fire. Make sure you always gently stir the slices so they don’t get stuck to the pan.

Cook the scallops for a minute or 2, until you get a creamy sauce.  To garnish, we like to have a green salad with cherry tomatoes and capers, and sliced baked potatoes.

Open a bottle of Coralto Nero d’Avola 2011 and enjoy your scaloppine!

Buon appetito!

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