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3 Days with Marsala

We’ve been very busy this week in different events dedicated to Marsala wine. We started on Tuesday night with a Marsala tasting at Villa Sparta: with the collaboration of Yala Collective, 12 lovely ladies from USA, France, Ireland, Germany and Italy discovered the different types of Marsalas in combination with vegan desserts.
On Wednesday night we were at the Portale Botteghe bar, were , on the notes of live jazz by Aldo Bertolino and his quartet, we discovered new cocktails made with Marsala: Marsal Mule, Basilito, Marsala Sour and many more…fresh and delicious!
And finally on Thursday night, chef Emanuele Russo prepared a lovely dinner dedicated to Marsala in his restaurant Le Lumie: every dish matched perfectly our Marsalas, from Marsala Superiore Secco to Marsala Superiore Riserva, from Marsala Superiore Dolce to Marsala Riserva Storica 1988.
For this week we’re finished…but we’ll be back on Monday veneing at 19.00 with another “Do you…Marsala” event at Ciacco’s!

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